Yes WP sites can be bad.
But as bad as it can be, just as easy it can serve as a good kickstarter for the next website.

If just the developer behind said website has some kind of dignity about the code they produce and respect for their fucking job!

1. Don't use bloated plugins.
2. Always vheck out alternatives.
3. Don't ever use paid plugins/themes... just don't.

I for one, whenever installing a plugin, if said plugin generates any kind of unexpected output such as a notice it's an immidiate uninstall, and then rolling my own.

I also use a bare minimum boilerplate theme which does not bundle any frameworks, additional libaries or other kinds of that bloatware for all my wp sites, this ensures that every site is somewhay unique.

I've seen so many "devs" being lazy as fuck, using the wrong themes/plugins to "code" the site.

No! using page builders such as visual composer or bloatware slideshows does not count as good tools.

If you buy a theme from themeforest thinking it will save you hours of custom development, then fuck you... go drown in acid.. because guess fucking what?
It will save you absolutely jack shit in the long run..
Anything stating otherwhise is marketing bullcrap

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    the good thing is: after configuring and customizing it to fit ur/ur client needs, ur skilled enough to make any template u want, just by looking at it
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    WordPress is a bloated plugin ... :)
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    Every time I read the word "WordPress", I get triggered!
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    I propose an algorithm that automatically bans people who type “wordpress”
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