Got a marketing email talking about the "No Code" revolution. They're talking to the wrong girl here.

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    had to take a look...

    geocity? frontpage?

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    i had to look it up, what i get from it first glance, marketing bs.
    this is 'nosql/post relational database era' all over again.
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    no code == no bugs
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    @Fast-Nop And no knowledge when bugs comes.
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    1) Looks like they need some CSS help. Maybe they should 'code'.
    2) That price tag... definitely marketing BS.
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    Wow, that looks incredibly stupid. gg sales team!
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    I *wonder* if there was any coding involved in all this bullshit campaign
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    What are they.. like.. I don't get it.
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    "Maximize the full potential of Caspio by participating in hands-on training sessions and start building applications without coding."
    What the fuck...

    "The pre-conference Caspio Academy will certify you on how to use Caspio to build applications without coding."

    Do they want developers to die out?
    Why wpuld they show non-techies how to create their own shitty apps and stuff when they instead could connect them with real professional developers?
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    I've had a client that used caspio, within 2 months he asked me to rebuild his form applications (basic crud)...

    This kind of stuff is never enough.
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    @kgbemployee it's basically making form interfaces to a database. Not even webdesign. Not really a website, apart from the fact you're creating a form that can be displayed in a browser.
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