Got a marketing email talking about the "No Code" revolution. They're talking to the wrong girl here.

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    had to take a look...

    geocity? frontpage?

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    i had to look it up, what i get from it first glance, marketing bs.
    this is 'nosql/post relational database era' all over again.
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    no code == no bugs
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    @Fast-Nop And no knowledge when bugs comes.
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    1) Looks like they need some CSS help. Maybe they should 'code'.
    2) That price tag... definitely marketing BS.
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    Wow, that looks incredibly stupid. gg sales team!
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    I *wonder* if there was any coding involved in all this bullshit campaign
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    What are they.. like.. I don't get it.
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    "Maximize the full potential of Caspio by participating in hands-on training sessions and start building applications without coding."
    What the fuck...

    "The pre-conference Caspio Academy will certify you on how to use Caspio to build applications without coding."

    Do they want developers to die out?
    Why wpuld they show non-techies how to create their own shitty apps and stuff when they instead could connect them with real professional developers?
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    I've had a client that used caspio, within 2 months he asked me to rebuild his form applications (basic crud)...

    This kind of stuff is never enough.
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    What are these people proposing? That web apps will appear by mixing in sugar, spice, everything nice and the mad ramblings of the sales team?
    Can someone please explain what these nutters are on about?
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    Never mind. Found it. Point and click web development. Yeah, sure...
    *grabs popcorn and waits for the funny*
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    @kgbemployee it's basically making form interfaces to a database. Not even webdesign. Not really a website, apart from the fact you're creating a form that can be displayed in a browser.
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    @FMashiro thanks! I read up about it myself. It looks more like a mock up tool than an actual production ready platform. I wonder how they managed to sell it.
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