I was thinking about installing Linux on my laptop and I was reading about the various distros for beginners and I came across Arch Linux, it seems not to be liked by this comunity. Why is it? What distro would be better?

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    Really? I often see 😍 Arch posts
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    I love arch.
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    Arch probably wouldn’t be a good distro for beginners.
    You could try Ubuntu.
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    Gentoo is probably the easiest 😂😉
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    @ScribeOfGoD lol what an asshole

    arch/gentoo are good for beginners...IF YOURE HARDCORE!

    everyone uses arch, the only negatives i see are ppl who can't use it, ppl who are sick of hearing arch every 5 seconds, and me who is cursed and doomed and everything breaks when i breath near it
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    @Torbuntu someone else who gets fuked updates, good
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    I just got KDE neon on my notebook, it looks neat so far and fits my needs. Not sure if I'll stick to it yet, but atleast I'll learn what I need in a distro. (Look my other rant)
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    Please find a better way of self inflicted pain!
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    There was some fuss with Arch recently. You may want to hold off on that.

    Details here:
    Naked Security: Another Linux distro poisoned with malware.
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    Just use windows or mac😂
    *installing NSA 25% Complete. Please do not power off your system*
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    Slackware, nuff said
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