Seems like everything on android is a "hack" or temporary solution, thanks to google .

Now how the fuck should i create a custom SMS inbox when:
1) i can't run the SMS broadcast reciever in a background service(because background services are deprecated )
2)message SMS reciever in a foreground service ,because this service is not fucking foreground! when the app is cleared from the recents , it shows the service as running, but on recieving the next message , the service dies??wtf?? i think its something related to processes

the app needs to detect a message instantly because some messages are needed to be sent to server the moment they are recieved :/

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    Makes you wonder how some people did it eh?

    I worked on android and ios for 2 years, fucking hated every second of it. 300+ lines just to get a permission and shit. Thing is bs.

    Background services through the broadcast reciever is a fucking hack, and if you don't watch out shit will get rejected in the Android store either way.

    Not a clue. Btw people at so don't know how to do it either.

    We all fucked in this mofocka
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    >>because background services are deprecated<<

    What did they get replaced with? also it sounds like you're developing some sort of internal app, just have a notification up, so your app doesn't get killed?
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    @JoshBent apparently they got replaced by job schedulers which are absolutely different. using background services were so easy : just start it on first launch and forget about it.everything under app's control.

    With job schedulers , everything is in the hands of system , whenever it has its resources free , then only it will run.

    Now a message comes at 2pm , and schedular wakes my app at 4 pm , then what's the point ?

    and about that foreground notification: yeah , i won't mind that. But it seems to get killed too! and weirdly enough, whenever the reciever recieves a message , it gets killed :?/
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    You want more security but you want to make the coding easy as possible ? Hahaha. Thats not going to happen.
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