>>Gets email about a social issue and completely disagree with the organization that sends email.
>>clicks unsubscribe and puts "I didn't sign up for this" as the reason why.
>>2 days later get another email from the exact same place
>>clicks unsubscribe and types "Listen here you victim playing fuckers. I told you to unsubscribe from this email list because I don't want to receive emails from your bullshit organization. Fuck you."
>>Gets a confirmation email that my name has been removed moments later.

Moral of the story: Strong language gets the job done.

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    Firm (aka clear) language, yes. Expletives; anyone reasonable won't take you seriously.
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    @nate I don't take these assholes serious either soooo.

    Remove me from the list the first time, like is supposed to happen, and I wouldn't have to do that.

    I'm very tolerate when it comes to telemarketing and advertising emails. But when I request to be unsubscribed, I don't want to keep receiving emails from you.
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    @Stuxnet I did say 'anyone reasonable'. If they're not reasonable, then whatever.
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    @nate The problem is that social issues are all a matter of opinion so being reasonable is harder to measure.

    I'll admit it was a bit of an immature overreaction, but, all in all, this is fucking hilarious to me.
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    @Stuxnet I think we can make it really simple: use your judgement as to what is reasonable or not, and react accordingly. Sure, some people will agree and others will disagree - that's fine. It's up to us to take that feedback on board and decide whether or not we really are being reasonable too.
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    The person reading your message probably requested counseling afterward.
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    @Root 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    I personally would laugh my ass off if I got something like this.

    I'm a really relaxed and laid back dude. I don't have the passion to get asshurt over things that are trivial.
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    @Stuxnet I would too haha

    I was making fun of the organization and the people it very likely employs ^^
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    @Root I figured lol. But as I said earlier, it's all about personal views.

    I personally think their agenda was really stupid. I read the email through completely, as I do with most of the emails that are sent to my uni email. But it just didn't make sense to me.
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    I just mark it as spam until Google (and with it a massive chunk of their intended audience) starts filtering them out (which is usually very quick).
    If you send unsolicited emails, you are by very definition spam that should go into the spam folder.
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    Did that really happen? Usually if you click unsubscrive your confirming a valid address and you get on other 100's spam lists
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    @Bikonja Problem is, there's a fucking public list somewhere that has the name and email of students at my uni.

    I don't remember if there was confirmation page or not. I had been cleaning my inbox up for a long time unsubscribing from like a dozen or more lists.

    It's an Outlook email. the last thing I need is to report it as spam and have more emails get caught in that fucking quarantine. (Idk if that's how it works, so I hope I didn't say anything really ignorant lmao.)

    @GyroGearloose It did indeed really happen. I definitely remember unsubscribing and even being nice enough to say why (I never actually do that lol).
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    Well... That's why I hate outlook.
    In Gmail, 3 dots , ban (or something)
    Same thing happens a lot in my Hotmail, since I have it since launch, and I didn't find the block button yet
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    Oh and I added a fucking charlatan mail to my contacts
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    @Stuxnet you can report spam, it won't filter out the rest of your mails, just the ones from the address you reported and it will be (hopefully) investigated by someone so similar emails (with enough reports from all users) get filtered out as well.

    If it's pre-GDPR and it's from a uni list somewhere fair enough, but you can still do it if you click unsubscribe and they don't unsubscribe you (you can even report them so they get a fine).
    That's all if either you, them or both of you are within EU. Don't know about US or the rest of the world if there's something like that.
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    @GyroGearloose While I'm not a fan of Outlook, by them using it, I got Word and the other shit for free. I'll take it as a decent enough tradeoff imo lol
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    @Bikonja I know it'll filter out emails from this address lol.

    I just meant it stopping them in the quarantine and then emailing me about the quarantine lol.

    It's illegal to not offer the option to unsubscribe, but I'm not entirely sure about the legality of a bullshit unsubscribe button.
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    youre god damn fucking right! it does!

    (btw, finally being that asshole customer with that amazon post you saw)
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    @zlice An hour later I went back to the trash to see where the email came from, because the name was different.

    The fucking site admin emailed me personally 😂😂
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    Mail scraping is really shady stuff... Only spammers do it. If the unsubscribe button doesn't work or they automatically subscribe you again in the future, mark it as spam so that Google knows to bounce these emails at their servers. That along with RBL and domain records are really the best way for postmasters and their mailservers to know what should or shouldn't enter their domain.
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