Did you know that
will let you print whole JavaScript arrays in table form in console?

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    Also this: console.log({obj}) print the object's key
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    No interesting
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    Good read, always remember kids , when you find something here that’s already known to you , there might be some junior Dev who will be happy that he found this and can use it.

    P.S. I didn’t know this , not ashamed
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    As a non-dev, I appreciate this kind of small tips.
    I only knew console.log until this point and never even thought about other options.

    Thank you for sharing.
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    In fact there are are lots of fun stuff you can do with the console object. Like error, info, warn, dir, time, and so on. There's also %c which allows you to style the outputs with css :3
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    I haven't explored the console object as much as I should. Thanks for the extra bit.
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    console.group()is something I use way more often but other people never seem to know it.
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