"Thank you for choosing Microsoft!"

No Microsoft, I really didn't choose you. This crappy hardware made you the inevitable, not a choice.

And like hell do I want to run your crappy shit OS. I tried to reset my PC, got all my programs removed (because that's obviously where the errors are, not the OS, right? Certified motherfuckers). Yet the shit still didn't get resolved even after a reset. Installing Windows freshly again, because "I chose this".

Give me a break, Microshaft. If it wasn't for your crappy OS, I would've gone to sleep hours ago. Yet me disabling your shitty telemetry brought this shit upon me, by disabling me to get Insider updates just because I added a registry key and disabled a service. Just how much are you going to force data collection out of your "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" users, Microsoft?

Honestly, at this point I think that Microsoft under Ballmer might've been better. Because while Linux was apparently cancer back then, at least this shitty data collection for "a free OS" wasn't yet a thing back then.

My mother still runs Vista, an OS that has since a few months ago reached EOL. Last time she visited me I recommended her to switch to Windows 7, because it looks the same but is better in terms of performance and is still supported. She refused, because it might damage her configurations. Granted, that's probably full of malware but at this point I'm glad she did.

Even Windows 7 has telemetry forcibly enabled at this point. Vista may be unsupported, but at least it didn't fall victim to the current status quo - data mining on every Microshaft OS that's still supported.

Microsoft may have been shady ever since they pursued manufacturers into defaulting to their OS, and GPU manufacturers will probably also have been lobbied into supporting Windows exclusively. But this data mining shit? Not even the Ballmer era was as horrible as this. My mother may not realize it, but she unknowingly avoided it.

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    As for me? I'm going to leave this system disconnected from the internet, make a backup, restore from it and if that works disconnect that backup entirely. Only after that's all successful I will connect and let this thing phone home and update.

    If you think that this is treating Windows like a time bomb, that's because it is. The extent of data collection by Micosoft without consent is way too extensive. If only the GDPR would cover that, instead of those stupid cookies...
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    My boi here has been fighting MS Windows for a while now :P catch some zzs man! Maybe you'll feel better after!
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    This is why all the people who defended MS when they bought GitHub got it wrong. Just because Microsoft did some good things (TypeScript, VSCode, OSS donations) doesn’t mean they stopped doing bad.
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    It's like being blackmailed and then get thanked for your choice.
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    @jeeper My thoughts exactly! A few goods doesn't make people forget all the bads. And Microsoft.. they've still got a fucking lot of them. Allowing them to embrace open source like that at all seems risky even. Because Embrace, Extend, Extinguish. Microsoft should really get all their employees drowned in a pool of bleach already.. that Nadella fuckboy first, just like that fucking Verizon Apple Pai. And then some IS fuckers can have some fun with planes at their headquarters I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @ThreadRipper what @Condor is saying is that he did read those pages and their product is unusable without the data collection which is annoying because he paid for it
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