Today I visited a partnered company, best summarized as "our people are the best at what they do, although we haven't figured out what it is that we do".

It was fucking awful.

Halfway a presentation about "capitalization on the internet of things" which featured nothing about hardware or protocols at all, a guy stood up and started talking about improvements on ecdsa and schnorr encryption or something... for no apparent reason. Then followed a bunch of pretty slides about the sharing economy... after which the CEO concluded with some vague speech about decentralized management of assets in a globalist world or whatever...

It was like a bunch of pretty smart people all had been locked up in some kind of closet with mirrors on the inside for six months, discussed their best ideas with their own reflections, then immediately grouped up and convinced an investor to fund their startup.

Ugh, I have to wash my ears and eyes with bleach. My brain is flooded with pretentious bullshit buzz and over the top startup decadence.

Actually, I think this sums it up best: There was a framed oil painting of the CEO with his dogs in the conference room, and the bathroom had a large marble Charizard statue watching me pee.

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    😮 I want Charizard watch me pee, too! I mean, I want this statue!
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    You may not have been aware of it at the time but you, my friend, just spent a day in purgatory. Congratulations on your safe return and may the scars heal quickly.
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    Haven't you heard? The decentralized peer-to-peer Blockchain BigData cloud of Machine Learning and Autonomous vehicles is the future. Or DP2PBCBDCMLAV for short.
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    @SanitizedOutput I think property at Amsterdam Zuidas is too expensive for performance art 😆

    I'm happy I don't work anywhere near there. Any place where the money is too concentrated, people go full retard.
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    @bittersweet the Zuidas is full of those smart people who followed a very narrow education and nowadays have no idea what they are doing. Just my opinion.
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    @wrkuijpers There's two kinds of parasites inhabiting financial centers: The primary ones mostly keep to themselves, they seem fairly unremarkable, but they know how to exploit the economy and make billions. And then there's the suits who can barely find the spacebar on their keyboard, but whose vocabulary is just large enough and just finely tuned enough to convince the former to invest.
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    @bittersweet Holy shit yes. You’ve expressed my thoughts on the financial industry in one short sweet paragraph. Subbed.
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    @bittersweet your cynically-sarcastic perception of reality is quite impressive in all its amusement 😂
    (I have dislike towards and from compliments but had to say it)
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