Just entered my password, looked at devrant on my phone, looked back on the screen. "Here you go f**kwhit, I turned into the blue screen of death just because I didn't had your attention"
Did this another time while writing this rant. F**K OFF Winderp!

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    Meanwhile I've owned Windows computers for about 11 years now, and done some dodgy shit on them and never gotten a BSOD.

    I genuinely want to know how you people get BSODs like I get emails.
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    @Stuxnet I tried to reproduce that error and it seems my rig don't like my Xbox controller during boot. Later on it seems to be fine. Maybe some drivers "driving" crazy? 🤔
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    @Stuxnet When I used Win10 the Nvidia driver hated me and nuked itself every time I installed it. Got BSOD's multiple times everyday. After that I switched.
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    I have the NETIO.SYS "Driver IRQL not less or equal." bsod every few weeks once. Unregular af. If theres some sysadmin here that knows what causes this I would be thankful. 4000€+ selfbuilt rig from scratch yet I am too dumbfound to solve that BSOD 😣
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    @Stuxnet story of my life dude
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    @beggarboy Linux ;)))))))
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    @MrCSharp Swear to God I'm going to be salty as fuck if it BSODs in the next few days lol
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    @Stuxnet pls rant about it and give me a good laugh 🤣
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    @Kinky-Code I'm working on a final paper for English and now I'm paranoid asf.

    I'll be moving it to my SD card or one drive now lol. If I lose that paper I'm going to cry grown man tears lol
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    @Stuxnet pls no BSOD until you finish.

    In the 7th grade I had an internship and I had to write a paper-like report. I did it one day before submission and suprise, I had a nice little BSOD, of course there were no automated caching systems and I never used the "Save"-Button every few minutes.

    Had to write it new, from skratch. Was a life lesson.
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    @Kinky-Code I somehow accidentally deleted a paper 10 minutes after I wrote it.

    Except I never pressed delete. And it wasn't in the trash can.

    Or on the C: Drive.

    I searched my entire computer and couldn't find it.

    I had to rewrite the entire thing. Luckily, it was only like 600 words (all of which I BSed the first time), so it only took me like 30 minutes to retype it.
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    @Stuxnet Poltergeist in your system O.o?
    Luckily it wasn't that big, but where the hell it vanished?
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