Spotify you little shithead how often do I have to reset the random mode for you to finally play stuff at random and not loop the same 20 songs? WTF? you literraly have like 1k of them in this list and you loop 20! HOW AND WHY <.< i even pay for you. Get it together.

Anyone else feeling murderous mood today for no reason? I'm not even at work yet...

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    There are actually 2 icons on control bar, one is on the left which is shuffle mode, the other one is on the right which has 3 states: off, repeat playlist, repeat current song. Problem is they both look similar so its quite confusing sometimes
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    @gintko even if it were on "repeat playlist" the thing has several hundred songs.

    And yes, it was the shuffle button. Usually if you press it and it is in shuffle mode, it goes back to normal and if you press it again, it shuffles new. It did shuffle new, since a different song appeared after the current one but it was still one of the aprox. 20 songs. It kept shuffeling through the same songs. how is this even a legit shuffle?
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    I don't pay for Spotify so I just have random mode available >> problem solved
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