When every related field has a god damn different way of working with the data on hand..

For example:

`tht_date` ("Y-m-d", Date) - expiration date on the product, hence, there can be multiple of the same products with a different THT

`tht_alert` ("-2 months", varchar, DateTime modify mutation string) - sending an alert when this interval is hit, and being the activator of the tht_date field (unless value is "none")

`tht_minimum` ("28", integer, quantity of days before tht_date) - to lock them from being sent out/collected.


How would you expect this ×not× to become a friggin' spaghetti when trying to resolve the best row ID?

These values are in the wrong spot in the first place, then they also act entirely different in relation to eachother..

I hate the person that set this up, for doing this. When is the madness going to stop...


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