Please google, stop the recaptcha madness...I'm sitting here for 30 minutes, clicking on road signs

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    is it just me or did it became worse the last few weeks. Especially this "we loaded some additional pictures at the places you already clicked" feature is deadly annoying
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    Well clearly you're a robot then! lol
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    @BurnoutDV exactly!! I click everything but it still shows "wrong" and I have to spend literally 3 minutes clicking on cars or stores -.-
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    @Stuxnet maaaaaybe >.>
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    Guys reCaptcha v3 is in beta and will hit websites soon. https://developers.google.com/recap...
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    Just accept it man! You *are* a robot
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    So it's not just my VPN and ad blockers and tracking blockers?
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    @SauceBoss yes! It totally feels like doing work for free
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    @KiwiWlf then stop doing it. Use something else. Bing is not that bad, most of the time, and afaik much less annoying. DuckDuckGo seems to be a devRant favourite, too
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    @endor its not actually Google as Google presenting it but other sites are using it as anti bot tool, Spotify for example (with the tendency to randomly log one out). So every site might ambush ya
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