English teacher :prepare a recipe of your favorite meal
Me :yeah sure
Title :how to prepare md5 seasoned with salt.
Procedure :
echo $md5hash;

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    That's even two jokes in one - the other is using MD5 in a crypto context at all.
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    @Alice did you just wake up or why are you not the first person to comment on this post?
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    Just in case anyone reading this, not getting, why @Fast-Nop sais it's a joke to use this:

    MD5 is broken. It's suposed to be a one way hash function, but there are rainbow tables and shit with which you can find out the original content pretty fast. Now salting adds an extra layer of protection, however either the salt is static (as in aboves example) in which case it's no good, or dynamic, in which case it would be saved in a db, probably next to the password field, so an atacker that get's a db dump, will still be able to crack your password pretty fast.

    If you're using PHP, please use this function: http://php.net/manual/en/...
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