This is ridiculous.

Looks like only Inuit can utilise the full power of the new MacBook Pro.

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    The fuck, does Apple not even test anything anymore?
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    @RememberMe why would they? People will buy their shit anyway, might as well make an extra buck
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    @endor because it's destroying the one thing Apple was known for - intuitive, aesthetic stuff that just worked, no headache involved. There was a time when I dreamed of being able to own an Apple, because I'm into content creation. No longer.

    You should see the kind of hate Rick Beato and other Youtubers-creators are throwing at Apple - that's got to get noticed.

    And don't underestimate the common dude - people do ask around and many laymen at least do a cursory online thing.
    If nothing else, the stars a product gets on Amazon or something matters.
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    @RememberMe meh, I genuinely hope you're right, but I think it's still gonna take a long while before the majority of the die-hard Apple fans realise what a ripoff these macbooks have become
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