Fuck pep8 in general. Fuck harder anything to do with line limits. Fuck with a rusty spatula those who tie it into their git precommits or CI tests.

What's that, it's 2018 and even the shittiest walmart-tier computers have 1080p OR BETTER at a 16:9 aspect ratio?

"lol, 80 character line limit."

Eat a bucket of rancid dicks.

Oh, and since we're forcing you to be so economical with your characters, we're going to force four space tabs. Yknow, rather than simple single tab characters, which could mean everyone can set their preferred level of spacing without bloating the code with whitespace.

Because, yknow, it's entirely reasonable to chew up 1/8 of a line because you're editing a function inside a class definition. God Almighty forbid you try to do a for loop inside that function! Fuck you!

"Oh but you can't have two editors or terminals open side by side without that limit!"

BULL FUCKING SHIT. Here's my shitty 1280x1024 display on my shitty computer with two Sublime editors open side by side. You'll notice the break is at 100 characters. You'll notice I don't have to scroll horizontally to do two things at once. You'll notice I even have room for COMMENTS!

If your code standards require you to make your code *less* readable and *less* clear and take up *more* space to accomplish the same tasks, YOUR CODE STANDARDS SUCK!

Enough with this stupid meme. We're not in the 80s anymore and it's high time to start fucking acting like it.

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    Yo fucking with a devs line limit is like fucking with a devs emotions
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    100 line limit here. I can't even imagine using Java in 80 characters.
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    Config is for a reason, <strike>pep8</strike>pycodestyle is only a tool :)
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    Stuff here...
    I cant take you seriously after that :p
    You dont have to follow pep8 when typing code but once exporting it, just use a linter and the trick is done. The next dev in line that get your code will lint the code to what he likes then lint it back to pep.
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    As someone who uses terminal so much that I sometimes don't start X on my Dev box for a week or more, my TTY limits out at 200ish, which is just enough to tmux that shit for 100 char each side.

    I fully endorse line limits, although sometimes that can get hard to follow, especially with complex comprehensions.
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    I always set my line limit to the max (9999 in JetBrains' IDEs) and then manually decide when lines are too long and when to split them up.
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    Ffs, I feel same. I just look and feel the shit smell because standard doesn't allow whitespace before and after equal sign. Fuck you pep, fuck the lack of multiline operations and stagnant principles.
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