a tale of daily frustration:

git fetch
*yup I'm up-to-date ...*
git add -p .
*hack in beautiful patch ...*
git status -bs
*correct branch, didn't forget any files ...*
git diff --cached
*yep, that is what I mean to commit ...*
git commit -m"[TKT-NUM] Meaningful commit message"
git log -p -1
*double-checking ... looks good ...*
git push remote tkt-num-etc

*for a brief moment feel accomplished ...*

*notice typo in commit message ...*

I don't have a funny image or punchline to sum this post up. But know that if you recognise this feeling, then I am your brother in git.

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    I get that feeling when I write 100 lines of javascript without saving
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    Git commit --amend
    Git push -f
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    @Zaphod65 won’t work since he already did push remote
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    @codepotato "-f", force pushes to remote, would overwrite remote and hence would work. Not recommended, as it can rewrite your git history, especially for shared repos. --force-with-lease is a safer option.
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    This is where I appreciate gpg signed commits. My computer takes so long opening the passphrase dialog, that I can read the commit message 3 times. I don't know how often this saved my ***.
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    @Zaphod65 please don't do something like this just to make your typo everyone else's headache
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