Learning the subprocess module in python, because os is deprecated. its a shame because i had just learned os

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    OS functions are wrappers of subprocess (at least in python3)
    So there is nothing wrong using them.

    But yes using subprocess directly is better.
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    @shelladdicted ah, good to know! thanks
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    os deprecated?? When? Why?
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    It's the other way around for me.

    Whenever I feel the urge to shell out to achieve something in Python I stop and think twice. I've chosen Python over scummy shell scripts for a reason, right?

    If there's really no way around it, at least do it through a semi-decent abstraction: https://amoffat.github.io/sh/
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    i'm looking to write up a graphical UI using python/GTK 3, to detect an art pen-tablet device, and use said UI to graphically (using subprocess to talk to X in the background) allow a user to customize the tablet region and generate a script that can be run either on startup, or when the tablet is plugged in (i know the xfce DE has settings that allow that).

    basically i need subprocess to talk to X, python's mainly the frontend
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    @gitlog maybe deprecated was the wrong word, but it's for sure being replaced eventually
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