Recently i finished college and got a job as an ASP.NET dev in a company.
The company uses ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core and angular.
I've worked with flask, express and PHP but very new to C# and .NET.
I've learned C# but I'm having hard time understanding ASP.NET.
The documentation seems very hard for me.
Could someone please suggest some resources for asp.net and .net core

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    @nurked Microsoft Documentation
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    @nurked thanks brother.
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    .net core and asp.net core are very easy once you have the grasp. Its very useful and easy to do things without a struggle. Please do not give up. Do you have PluralSight? They have good courses.
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    @KAS89 No i don't have pluralsight, I did bought a course from udemy by Mosh hamedani.
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    @nurked Its fine, thanks for the help, I'm currently watching videos by kudvenkat.
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