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    If you are a web dev don't forget to clean the cache or try firefox instead of chrome. ;-)
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    I'm happy to be disturbed from headphones if it saves them a few hours
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    Speaking of web devs, contacted Google support today having an issue in Google play developer console, they said: have u tried on chrome 😒
    I'd understand this response if I said I'm having an issue on IE or Edge, but it's Safari, I don't this browser is also a retard
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    4. Ask rubber duck
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    Word 💯
    I used it twice before I said fuck this, this takes to long. Irc/slack/gitter/laracasts/books/doc's/rubber duck/colleague's/and off course the good old keyboard head bash 😵😵😵

    It could be that the smartest people are on so, but that is an elitist site. I got no patience to earn points when there are better resources available. And nicer people.
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    Oh man, The stupidest thing ever that we always forget. 😐
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    That's right, I always clear cache and try firefox instead of chrome.

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    bring me to there
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