Being a sysadmin, it's pretty difficult to get around the whole development of front-end stuff.. positioning, scaling, and everything... I hate it. So many ideas but only the ability to make the back-end and if it involves electronics that as well as networking. But building a pretty UI is beyond me... I love hating on all the frameworks and Node, but in all honesty.. front-end people, I kind of envy you 😅

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    Thank you
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    Lol! I feel the same :)
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    @const no, thank you and other front-end devs for being able to do what I can't.. 🤗
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    @Hu-bot0x58 generally I have my reservations about crowdsourcing, but yeah it sounds like a good idea. For corporate projects I'd hire a dedicated front-end dev though and for personal projects.. "it works on my display so it's a design feature" 🙃

    Edit: I mistakenly read crowdsourcing as outsourcing.. crowdsourcing is an amazing thing 😊
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    No dissapointment....

    wk114? Couldn't get that.
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    @gitlog I'm disappointed in the fact that I can't make pretty UI's like the front-end guys do myself...
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