Hey, wanna hear a disappointing stack?

- WordPress
- jQuery
- vanilla inline CSS
- shitty random legacy PHP

The author is NOT responsible nor liable for any injuries, mental health issues, sanitary problems, asexuality, crippling depression, triggered by this rant nor liable for any damaged walls, hurt animals or deaths.

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    Move that disclaimer to the begging of the damn rant! Almost died reading that stack :\
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    you are like my lost twin.
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    Yeah fuck you too.
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    Is jQuery a stack now?
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    @mundo03 it is now.
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    Damn mate you're lucky i tend to read everything because you might have had an image of a keyboard through a screen in here instead of just a comment, just in case you want one for giggles here ( not mine just to be clear )
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    Sad how common a stack this is. Bring on the cirrhosis.
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    I’ll raise you one more:

    - TYPO3
    - jquery
    - css version of bootstrap
    - file called bootstrap_rewrite.css
    - php scripts containing shell_exec calls.
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    @fml89 oh fuck!
    You win 🙈
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    @fml89 what’s wrong with shell_exec 😂 they have their use but WTF does a website need to use them for?
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    @C0D4 Magento uses it for their cron PHP scripts.
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    @PonySlaystation which you really only should run from the commandline anyways - so a shell_exec in a shell env is kinda sorty okay.

    TYPO3 does weird cache stuff and template stuff with shell_exec() - its super scary
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