I'm curious about your opinion and response on using OctoberCMS to build a news & media publishing website like Times, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Verge etc.

I don't wanna ask which stack/tool to use nor I have any tech specific nitty gritty issues yet. However any type of response is warmly welcome.

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    Never heard about that CMS
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    @Bitwise oh October doesn't support multiple roles and users?
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    @Bitwise I see. I should commit a week or two to check it out.

    I usually would go with Wordpress for my clients but staying on devRant kinda brainwashed me :(
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    @oudalally may I have your opinion on October CMS for news media Website?
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    @oudalally @Bitwise thank you guys 🤗
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    @oudalally that's very helpful. really appreciate it.

    @Bitwise wow. that's one website with a nice UI. UI and theme is another topic I would want to discuss after the framework. haha.
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