Best coworker I've had and still have is a girl I've met in training. Whenever our shifts overlap I work best. Last time this happened we watched Pink Floyd's The Wall while solving tickets and taking chats. Other times we rock out to music and every time we laugh at some customer's way of describing their issue. She also has a great lifestyle, she's an actress and she's got loads of fun stories to tell.
P.S. Hello, world!

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    Nice, I'd love to work with someone like that. Welcome to devRant!
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    😙 ooooooh, someone has a crush. 😚 lol
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    Very nice to read stories about friendship between men and women.
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    @g-m-f We work in Customer Support, no development being done here. :(
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    Quick update: She's being moved to another department. Someone in HR must've read this. Fuck.
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    @julianmd damn dude, that sucks. Not really a smart move, it seems like you keep each other productive
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    @yarwest The HR part is kind of exaggerated, I don't really think they saw this. I'm just trying to find a reason, besides her being more of the "taking my time to empathize" type. But yeah, we've been most productive sharing shifts.
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    I'd like to thank everyone who commented and +1'd, it really makes me feel good to get out of the routine and talk to people. Sure, I have my girlfriend and she's great, but I have some trouble talking to her sometimes, cause of my egotistical way of viewing things and inner frustrations that I can't seem to handle very well. Thank you for talking to me and showing your support!
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