The lack of community support for NGINX is horrible (though it is getting better).

I was an NGINX disciple from the beginning; I switched over from Apache as soon as I found it and used it everywhere. The issue with that is that most services only provided Apache configuration files, forcing me to do my own research and translate them.

Thankfully the NGINX community has done a lot of work already; I was able to find a lot of the configurations I needed online, but I also spent a lot of time learning how to use it. Now, if you give me a few hours, I have the knowledge and resources to make it do whatever you need it to do (within reason, of course).

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    I was once an Apache follower in the early days of programming when I used a WAMP stack. Ever since I started using Docker & NGINX I’ve found it easier to configure and a lot clearer than Apache’s config files.
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    I've been trying to learn NGINX, but it's certainly not as drop-dead simple as Apache...

    If anyone knows some good resources, I would greatly appreciate them
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