Recruiters, why don’t you shift your working hours? It seems that all of you work 9-5 and this is exactly the time when I don’t feel comfortable describing my current job over phone.

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    @AlexDeLarge exactly. Fkin liers. Always make them put their promises in writing.
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    If recruiters shifted their hours, I'd be on the train. More crowded than the office, and despite being a 1h ride between a county town of >100k and our nation's capital, the reception on the train is 1 bar of EDGE for a lot of it.
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    @zemaitis Absolutely, one agent almost robbed me of ~10% daily rate trying to double talk his way out using the excuse "that was for before taxes" BS only because nothing between us was in writing, the agent wanted to do all over the phone. And the agency is well known with presence in most countries (not some one man shop trying survive)
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    @LordPeeve I had similar experience where initial offered bracket was 30-40k euro per annum and then when I said that I'm not interested, the bracket became 38-56k suddenly. Motherf*ckers trying to low ball me. Accepted offer from another recruiter for 48k and never looked back.
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    @zemaitis Well played, that's really low move.

    I heard rumors that some agents/agencies get the budget from clients and then low ball candidates because the agent pockets the difference as a "bonus". Never been able to confirm it tho, but I wouldn't put it past them 🤮
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