I swear in my code comments.
Who else ?

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    Nope, I swear when I’m coding.
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    Sometimes I'll swear as filler text lol
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    I occasionally use comments to express my surprise and comtempt at particularly-shitty legacy code.
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    @Root "Woah, mate! I'm usually not for that, but I do think you should brag about your code. The fact that it's even remotely working is beyond any miracle known to man in this universe and the next. I'm about to call your former teacher to commend your work."
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    I’ll swear in my comments if an extra step is needed for something that is so simple (I’m looking at you Google).


    I’ll swear when I’m programming either:

    A) When I’m being a noob,

    B) My IDE is being a dick,

    C) The programming language is being a bitch,

    D) The web browser I’m choosing to develop with decides to piss me off by caching the page I’m designing even though I have told the the browser not to cache

    I think I have a problem 🤔😂
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    I like to use "BANANA" as temporary comment that shall remind me when there's still some stuff to do, but I don't know what exactly. Also in documentation.

    The fun part came when we had to send drafts to the customer and I forgot to take out the bananas from the documentation.. he was astonished. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop I had a variable that I commented out because I realized it was useless. It was named "some_fucking_var" and I almost forgot to take it out before submitting the assignment lol
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