The girl I loved for four years left me four months ago. It has been the most painful four months of my life and I struggled through the initial days. Both my health and my productivity suffered.

But I feel better now. Trying my best to keep moving forward and stay positive. Realised that shit happens and we can't just sudo our way out of everything.

Just wanted to share. Thank you for reading this far.

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    When a similar thing happened to me, I realized that I would get over her best by remembering, and really trying hard to believe that any improvement I made to myself was for me, and not for her.
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    So you had a girlfriend!
    That's a good start right there 😅

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    @DefiniteGoose i met a girl in 2012 when i started highschool and we were happy until late 2015. she doesnt talk to me ever since then. it was hard as fuck to move on but i moved on. subconsciously i am having dreams about her 2-3 times every 3-5 months. i guess sometimes you can't forget someone you loved unconditionally, but life is a motherfucker and as men we have to deal with it and move on, i dont see a better option
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    been there. the girl i lived with for 4 years and dated for 6 started to get close to some other guy... i lost my mind, weight, and couldn’t do much work for at least 4 months....

    two years later now and i am feeling i am fully back...
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    I am sorry for you, though I can't say Ive ever had any serious long term relationships so I don't know the full extent of your pain but hey blues is for times like this right ? It always helps me when Im down in the dumps
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    Ahh yo do have girlfriends guys !? R we supposed to ve such " external libraries " in our life ! 😂😂
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    Thanks a lot for the support guys. As much as this sucks, it's great to know there are good things to come :)
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    @tilde yep. you will soon be able to meet girls that are a much better match than your ex... and you will wonder where this person has been all along... what you lost only helps you better appreciate what’s to come.
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