What browsers do front end devs here normally test on? I test on Firefox and Chrome because...that's all I use, but what about Edge/Safari or god forbid IE11?

I'm more familiar with backend dev ops so my testing consisted of checking Firefox a lot. :P

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    There are SAAS sites you can use to get static shots of pages in different browsers. Our frontend development practices are stable/consistent enough that this has so far been "good enough" for us for most browser testing. It helps that we don't need to support anything below IE11, or older versions of the other browsers. If you're not sure what the browser support requirements are for your project you should ask, though.
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    There's a new kid in town. His name is blisk
    It has engines for all major browsers- and mobile ones too. It's made for devs and has cool features like browser sync built in. Sad part is it's not for Linux.
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    We use BrowerStack to test, it has a 30 minute free trial. I recommend to test the evergreen browsers (frequently updated) Chrome, Safari (+ mobile Safari), Edge, Firefox. For our last project IE11 was a MUST. The client is situated in the Pharma industry, lots of outdated PC's. If you're using a fwk like Angular and Angular Material, it should not be that bad to tailor for each browser
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    Netscape Navigator just for fun xD
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    @yatanvesh Too bad, Linux is my primary os. :(
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    Even my primary os is linux and good news is they're gonna release linux version soon. It's totally worth the wait. @starrynights89
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