this is how legends commit

git commit -m "minor fixes..."

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    No, but a former colleague used to do that.

    And in that commit you often found changes to a hundred files as he completely restructured something because he could not bother to ask when he did not understand if find what he needed, breaking things in a dozen places because he only ever tested that which he was working on, not other parts depending on it.

    Its a warning that you have a growing problem that will one day explode and cause massive problems :/
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    Messages should always describe what you did. And always commit after every change you did.

    Lets say we have variable that is NULL and crashes the kernel.
    Commit would look like this: Net: Add value to variable "start" before using it.

    And comment: This commit fixes Wifi issue we were having because variable start didnt have a value before using it and so it was NULL and crashed the kernel.
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    @Voxera What I meant was, committing like that and still be fine. but your friend is not a legend is he...? because he could not handle these massive changes.... :D
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    @cbsa He could not handle any complexity :/ but he could probably be considered a legend, just not one to admire.
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