Fuck the bureacracy.

It's so difficult being an solo entrepreneur due to outdated bureacracy.

I just wanted to have a current/ business bank account to separate txns related to the business from my personal account and GST ID to officially register the business and also avoid headaches with taxes in the future.

However, If you want business bank account in the name of business, you have to have an official registration for the business and GST is the easiest and affordable way for sole proprietorship. Since my work is basically online and can be done remote, it doesn't make sense to waste money renting or buying an office space, getting electricity coonection or pay other related expenses which is necessary to have to show as proof of existence.

So I went ahead and purchased a virtual office plan and applied for GST with required documents. However, the bureacrat rejected the application. The informed about it to the biz where I purchased this virtual office and they had a meeting with the bureacrat and they were told virtual office address can't be allowed.

They told had no such issues in last few years and now on they are gonna have to stop providing virtual office to register GST. That was one of the main reason people went with virtual office.

Now I won't be able to open a business bank account.

I won't be able to signup for payment gateway networks. They ask for GST ID.

I won't be able to complete Paypal business registration.

I may have to expose my personal address on invoices or otherwise lie on it.

I will have to use my savings account for any expense related to it.

Also by end of this fiscal year, I probably gonna have to deal with tax issues.

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