What's your workspace setup?

Curious because it took awhile and a lot of experimenting/thinking to get mine setup the way it is, but now I can't even think properly unless I have things setup that way after booting up in the morning.

Here goes:

Workspace 1: General stuff, personal email. social media, random research for non work related things, etc

Workspace 2: My main project local development, includes terminals, database, browser research for bugs, debugging software, error logs, etc.

Workspace 3: My main project, production workspace, consoles, browser, etc related to production server, you get the idea

Workspace 4: local dev on my side project

I found it crucial to setup workspace 2 and 3, it has helped me avoid countless stupid errors, like, for example, accidentally working on production terminal and wanting to rip my hair out wondering why the fuck _____ isn't working, then realizing, oh shit, i'm on production, not local. Huge brainspace bandwidth saver when I setup like this.

How about you?

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    @Artemix lol

    or that
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    Workstation 1 (which is a laptop and monitor): laptop usually general stuff .. monitor all dev
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