> Help novice programmer with his task
> Compile his code
> Start it via Visual Studio
> Visual Studio freezes
> Get Blue Screen
> Lose work of over one week

How do you guys relax when something like this happens besides smashing your keyboard against somebodys head?

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    It’s not computer’s nor intern’s fault if you don’t save your work for over a week.
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    Recloning the repo
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    Next time train interns to use git
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    Or even just save the file…?
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    In all seriousness though, losing code sucks hard, but when that happens I always remind myself that the real code is in my head and it’s the ideas and solutions that really matter, and you didn’t lose those. You can always recode something as long as you understand how it worked.
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    How is not saved if it's even compiled? I smell bs.

    As fake as the gif. The monitor is almost falling on its own.
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    I didn't lost code, I lost my SRS, SDD and SPM documents because his program scanned through my files and while they were open he somehow ran in a really fucked up raise condition ... gladly it started from my new partiton instead of one with more data on it ...
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    His program crawled your filesystem and changed your documents and he didn’t even warn you about that?


    I would not be happy.
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    git init, and treat Windows like a time bomb that could Win-blow up on ya any time! There's a reason why I'm learning myself to run *everything* on the server in screen whenever I'm using WSL.. the client OS is that reason.
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