0!=1 is both mathematically correct (because 0 factorial is 1), and logically correct (since 0<1).

I found this interesting.

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    I think 0!=1 was first realized by programmers then mathematicians proved it.
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    That's why whitespaces matter.
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    The one that always got me was e^iπ + 1 = 0
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    @segfault0xff I am not sure, but it's probably coming from complex analysis.
    I took a course on it (but don't remember much). Using the complex field to solve real integrals sometimes gives rise to things like this. There's alot of tricks being used and i and π sometimes just pop up for no (appearnt) reason.
    Check it out on Wikipedia if you're interested. Pretty cool stuff.
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    @BurgerBurglar yeah hahaha I didn't notice that.
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    @YousifMansour I just found it weird that an irrational number to the product of an imaginary number and another irrational yields an integer.

    The wonders of mathematics
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