Sharing a short story.
Time: 1:30 am
Conversation between me and a night watchman in my society.
I was walking and this watchman suddenly stopped me and started asking questions.
Watchman: Isn't it late at 1:30am. When do u sleep?
Me: I sleep very late (replied in a very uninterested manner)
Watchman: Which year are you?
Me: Final year of Graduation
Watchman: Which branch?
Me: (a bit annoyed now) Software Engineering
Watchman: So you know programming?
Me: (little shocked that he knows what's programming) Learning
Watchman: So, do your university teaches C, Python and UNIX?
Me:(completely shocked by his knowledge) Yup. Except UNIX, others yes.
Watchman then asked some fees related questions and placements scope.
I was annoyed when he approached me for a little talk.. But had a wonderful experience talking to this person. It's great when you meet such unexpected person having such knowledge.
When I asked him how he knows all these, he said he talks like this to many students and learnt it.
His last line to me when I said that you know a lot, was:
Sir, you are the ocean, I am a needle in it.
Truly awesome moment... Never judge anyone by looks or his occupation... Knowledge is something that anyone anywhere can gain...
Respect to that watchman...

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    Was expecting him to think drug user, was happy about the outcome. That man needs a raise. :)
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    Man, I would like to meet somebody like that. It seems nobody outside of work knows anything about code.
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    @fox8091 yup. Me too. Generally in my place, watchmen always ask for time or request to give some money whenever they talk to us. This one was different and special.
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    @Numinex surely, you will meet someone unexpected.. 😉
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    Happiness in life is being on a first name basis with the front desk security guy. One, guy named Myron, shared with me a remixed version of Biggie's Hypnotize with Christian lyrics. Another, loved to debate economics based on Thomas Sowell's theories.
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    @timekeeper One can hope...
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