Senior Dev: "-bleep- I hate Javascript. It is such a pain to have to debug in Chrome"
Mgr: "Why are you 'having to' debug in Chrome?"
-in an almost 'you didn't know?' condensing tone -
Senior Dev: "Because you can't debug Javascript in Visual Studio."
Me: "Umm...pretty sure you can."
Senior Dev: "No, its impossible. I have to make a simple change in Visual Studio, save it, deploy all the files to the server, restart IIS, open up Chrome and use it's developer tools to find bugs. -bleep- Javascript sucks sooo bad."
-I do a quick search on stackoverflow-
Me: "No, I'm looking right at it on stackoverflow. You can debug Javascript in visual studio just like anything else."
- Mgr looks over and smiles, not trying to laugh -
Senior Dev: "Hey, did you watch that scene in Stranger Things...man thats a good show ..."
- other devs jump in to comment about the show, completely dismissing the VS/Javascript conversation -

Not sure WTF just happened.

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    Maybe he was haveing a bad day, it his own fault for usering visual studio
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    lol. Visual Studio. Wow.
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    What happened?
    You fuc*ing owned him :D
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    Visual Studio is actually really good. I wasn't a fan until I tried Angular 2 on Sublime and Atom.
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    Visual Studio JS debugger is just.. like ... the PTSD I get from that piece of Garbage (5 yrs long .NET dev so I'm not just saying this lol)
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    why he had to upload to server and restart iis? ffs guys, I m developing in vs and I always run everything on local iis with the vs debugger attached.

    ps: still I prefer to debug js on chrome
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    lmao they ran interference to forget he just looked like a dumbass. Happens all the time
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    You can debug Javascript in Visual Studio in the same way you can eat cornflakes with a fork.
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    Upload to the server, no working copy?

    That sounds like a slow development process.
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