!rant.. Ok starting my new job, my first job, as a developer in 20-ish days? You got any tips when arriving at new workplace/things you wish you knew before starting. Not the classic tips of asking questions etc but practical ones you wish you had known before (-:

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    If you are joining a service company all I can say is depend a lot on your self, the less you ask the better. and don't try to be that new guy that wants to show how smart he is.

    If you are joining a company that develops specific types of software, try reading more about their business rules that they might follow? If you are joining as a junior and show that you are only missing the knowledge of "frameworks" like not knowing all the classes/ in's and outs' of a language ..etc. then showing you have good understanding how business rules are to be done that is a big plus for you.

    And if you don't know clean architecture and SOLID then read about those.

    But again if you are a junior go with business rules, if I can go back in time then ya I'd start with this because your code will pretty much cover all the rules even if it was not following their standards, but by time you will adapt to their style
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    @gitpush those are some solid tips (pun intended). But jokes aside really good tip I really appreciate it!
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    @wrgl0 when I first read "Solid tips" I was like: wtf! Why is he talking like those entrepreneurs and using those buzz words ...etc.

    Anyways wish you best of luck on your new job :D
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