I think people get *way* too annoyed if someone tags their post here with the wrong tag, even with completely new users

Seriously, who cares if you see a few jokes in your rant feed? I know some of the jokes are bad, and in that case just scroll past them, even downvote it if you have to, maybe remind them to post it in the right tag even, but it annoys me seeing posts here about people being as annoyed as they are about wrong tags

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    I agree some people make a big deal of small problems, time to grow up and stop being an asshole
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    Well my thoughts are like this:

    We're developers. Most of us have an above average level of intelligence. It's not brain surgery to read the description of the labels.

    Also, being we have only one developer working on dR, it's a pain in the ass to see this amazing feature being rendered useless by the mistagging of posts.

    The feature is an awesome one, but it'll be useless without us cooperating and doing our job as users.
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    @Stuxnet sure, but I think there are better ways of fixing the issue than writing posts complaining about it

    1) Set the default tag to random
    2) without making a big deal, comment on a post with the wrong tag saying something like "oh hey you used the wrong tag but no big deal" or maybe something more natural idk
    3) stop with the complaining posts about it, they're just as bad
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    @j4cobgarby You made a post complaining about people making a post complaining on a site made for complaining.

    You're just as guilty as they are.

    Not to mention, I've not even seen a post about mistagging. Just comments.
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    @Stuxnet You're right, sorry
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    @j4cobgarby It's all good, afterall you're complaining on a site made for complaining 😂😂😂😂
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    Well, the categories are there for a reason. I've got jokes/memes turned of at all times and whenever I see one I downvote because I simply have the filter OFF.
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