I'm not really keen in relying too much on JavaScript to render a properly functioning web page. HTML and CSS is now than good enough for it nowadays.

But if due to technical limitations, i have to use JavaScript, I make sure to not use jquery.

I don't like jquery.

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    Jquery is the most awful entity i have ever encountered in my dev life.

    You just need it to target some simple selectors or maby some ajax calls and you end up loading it everywhere lagging crapping shiting everywhere...

    Nowadays i go full react on serious projects, otherwise Vanila Js FTW.
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    @desirous Oh so thats the problem with jquery I've never used it because I've heard that it sucks.
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    @Marl3x it only sucks if people use it wrong, jquery got it’s own pro and con
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    Loading the whole to just use a one percent of it because you'r either fat or lazy or both could become one of the reasons. @Marl3x
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    It's like a fat walrus that's slowly dying. Anything you can do in jQuery is possible in plain JS, and the benefits aren't worth the size or effort.
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    Well that's what dynamic asset loading is useful for, i copied the asset stack that the laravel blade uses and if i need on a view to do something jquery related i just do a single function call : summon_the_mammoth(); and that just injects the jquery file on that particular page, otherwise the mammoth is kept out of the load times.

    Otherwise core js for as far as i can go with it without wasting time and at best plain js based tools.
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    @Ratsuky sure you could do the same in other places too like static pages, but i think its more like i want this everywhere and it better be useful everywhere and not fuck around with my apps performance too. :)
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    @desirous jquery is not usefull enough to be everywhere, that's the problem with it, other libraries like that which are designed for loading everywhere exist and perform better
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    @Ratsuky and thats why FUCK JQUERY.

    I built a beautiful simple plugin for selecting multiple orders by tapping and get you a bar where it shows the selected items and the procceding button etc and it's doing perfectly fine in my machine and when i upload it for production to realize how messed slow/buggy the situation is and goes back to rewrite the whole thing in Typescript...

    Fucking false promises...
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    If people want to learn JavaScript in a way that really helps other than learning react, the solution is to take every popular thing that people use jQuery for and figure out the vanilla equivalent.

    I'm going through this now and it's hard, uses way more lines, but I can feel comfortable that I don't need to depend on anything anymore.
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    I'm with the OP. I'd rather write fast, efficient code that generates clean, readable HTML and CSS than unviewable JavaScript that passes the load to the user.
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    jQuery may not be the best choice nowadays but bear in mind it is now 12 years old. At the time it was developed it was quite revolutionary and helped a ton with the unfriendly verbosity of JS syntax, and has probably influenced the development of further standards like HTML 5 and CSS 3.

    Like any framework it got bloated and it sounds like it is suffering from trying to do too much, but I don’t think it deserves to be shit on.
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