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    Why is everyone posting pictures of me (
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    Btw, Boo was a scripting language for Unity back in the 4.x days
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    @AlexDeLarge Hey, he/she is new, rather than leaving him/her alone, let's welcome him/her

    And @dfox said just downvote and move on without leaving harsh comments


    @eugene2528 Welcome to devRant!
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    Yeah @AlexDeLarge, I have to be honest, I can’t understand why you waste your time replying to these. Please don’t. It’s a new user, they made a mistake.

    I literally just went through all of the rants for the last 24 hours. There were 2 memes that were categorized as rants. 2. Please don’t reply to them in the future. If you want to respectfully point out the mistake, then ok, but I don’t want to see the belittling of people who likely just made a mistake. There’s no evidence I can see in this case that makes it seem as if it was on purpose.
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    And I go through every rant almost every single day and moderate for mistags. Today was probably the most accurate tagging day with maybe 4 posts mistagged (2 or so memes). Sorry, but at that point you’re just going out of your way to attack people. It isn’t going to get much better than that.
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    @AlexDeLarge whatever you want to call it. Doesn’t really matter to me. My point doesn’t change though - it was a comment that made someone feel unwelcome to the community for merely making a mistake (probably), and then accused them, with no evidence, of doing it on purpose. This is why we have downvoting. It allows you to express your opinion on stuff like this without making someone feel shitty.

    The #1 positive piece of feedback we get about devRant is it’s a community where people aren’t douchebags to each other for no reason and people generally support each other. Expressing your opinion is fine, but if you can’t do it in a way where it’s not insulting to a brand new user of the community who just pressed a wrong button, then it’s a problem.
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    Thank you, @CozyPlanes, @dfox, @AlexDeLarge

    I'm actually new to here and glad to join :))

    I will be careful next time, miscategorized is really rookie mistake :P
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