*Tells people I don't have a religion and I'm a free thinker*
*Refuses to use 666 in my unit tests because I am not letting satan to possess my unit tests*

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    If Satan were to possess your unit tests would it be more evil to fail them all or pass them all?
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    Theologians please weigh in.
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    well it would actually be wise to invite satan to your unit test, the embodiment of temptation is exactly what you want. Remember, satan itself does nothing, he just shows you the dark side of things, another way to think, different approaches, depths inside yourself..in this case this applies to your code, therefore..start drawing pentagrams i guess
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    The pass, all of them, but when it's important meeting somehow everything falls apart and you desperately try to save your ass by showing that all tests pass and they fail. You lose your job and can't find another one, so you spend all your savings, fall in depression and everyone lefts you, because the cannot stand you. So you want to commit suicide, but you fail once again. You are paralyzed for rest of your life and hear in news that your suicide was cause of houndreds of deaths due to fire in building which you cause. So now you are laying in bed, waiting for death and with overwhelming burden of guilt.
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    If Satan is fucking with my unit tests I really think he needs to raise his game. Seems like a lowly ambition for the antichrist.

    At the very least he should be on SO giving out crap advice.

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