To everyone here hating on Wordpress: What do you use for a small-medium project where the client wants to edit the content himself?
Its still the fastest thing for some projects imo.
Change my mind ☺

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    I prefer build a tailored website, no matter how much time WP can save in the beginning, at the end it will get on my nerves.
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    Personally, once I learned the logic behind it, I came to rather like it (though, the Gutenberg update threatens that a bit).

    Personally speaking, where WordPress gets annoying is primarily when you have someone ask you to come in and fix a site because a “web developer” that they hired didn’t know how to do anything beyond installing a theme and throw plugins at problems. Nothing wrong with plugins per se, sometimes it’s best not to reinvent the wheel, but a family sedan shouldn’t need 50 wheels, either...
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    @Kaji Totally agree!
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    @undef haha cool checkbox animation :) Will look into those
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    @Maartz So you'll build a backend dashboard from scratch?
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    @Flink91 the main goal is to let admin make CRUD.
    So that’s not really hard.
    It doesn’t take a day to do that.
    From scratch maybe 2 ... but with Symfony it’s just so easy.
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    The thing is that if you dont properly update wordpress, it'll get hacked fast. Source: me working at a hosting company.

    Next to that, theme/plugin updates can break the site way too easily.
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    @linuxxx not updated theme nor plugins -> quickly hacked too.

    WP is just a pain in the ass.

    As far as I know, in France, communication agencies loves to use WP, IMHO, they are the hookers of the web.
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