stop using arrow function everywhere!!!!!!!

what that is mean ?

fns.reduce( (prev, fn) => fn(prev), input)

Are this is `fns.reduce` with two parameters
Or arrow function that return `input` variable.

take your time to visual parsing this crap

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    I tried reading this: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US...

    And comparing to your code but I got lost lol

    I'm not a javascript dev anyways its just I use arrow functions in C# a lot, but it doesn't produce that output code
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    @gitpush that would mean that it's a list of functions and its reducing the functions list xD
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    @Codex404 I honestly have no clue lool

    But in C# that does not produce spaghetti code like that lol
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    why would it return input variable?
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    Fat arrows are awesome but this shit is stupid.
    When you have both params at higher level why the fuck would you pass it down in new func...or maby i visual-parsed it wrong.
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    That will apply each function in a list to the input in turn, returning the final value
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