Today a friend asked if I could fix her friends website, it is made in wordpress.

My reaction "hmm ewh wordpress, but I can take a look"

Then it hit me, my friend is a webdev and doesnt want to do wordpress herself.

I might get contacted about it soon and thus more rants may follow.

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    I like how your friend think, you should think the same, always delegate wordpress ALWAYS!
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    You just fucked up yourself
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    The dev who made it apparently doesnt want to change a single thing in the style.
    Someone they knew tried things bur disnt know and my friend doesnt have time xD

    Alll I said is I can take a look, see what has to be done and then decide if its fixable.
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    Lesson learned: No matter how much you'd need the money, always reject WordPress.
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    @filthyranter even worse, Im assuming no money is involved,
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    She pulled a sneaky on ya
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    @hashedram at the moment I still havent changed anything because Im awaiting an answer via email that Im not getting. Because I fear she has been ripped of by devs.
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