being a sheep over the last years I just recently started to overthink my software choices in terms of privacy. but hell it's far from easy!
just now I realize how dependent I am from all of these services. I mean no problem ditching Facebook for example, it's not essential to me. but what about WhatsApp and GoogleDrive? I'm using these services on a daily basis...
any advices on what software or providers to use alternatively? especially browser, messaging app, email provider and cloud service?
please keep in mind that although I am willing to bring sacrifices I by no means want to neither could live like Richard Stallman. so an argument like "sell your MacBook because macOS is spyware" is not that helpful to me - more like what can I do to increase my privacy within the boundaries given to me. I have to find some sort of compromise. so curious about your advices, stories and opinions right now!

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    @linuxxx calling out for the guru here
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    Browser: Firefox with the right plugins + DuckDuckGo if you really are concerned

    Email Provider: Protonmail

    Cloud Service: sync.com

    Messenger: Signal? I think WhatsApp is your best bet tbh
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    Etherpad might work as a Google docs replacement. Not to start a debate about their politics but riseup is a good site to look at if you want to know what kind of open source/private alternatives are out there. You don't have to use their services but you can see what open source options they're using and host your own or find an alternate host. Just mentioning it because they host a huge variety of different types of apps.
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    Just realized you wrote Google drive, not Google docs. If you just want storage you can access anywhere then spideroak is a good option as it has end to end encryption.
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    Also, mega.co.nz is a great google drive alternatuve with full end to end encryption
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    @HIGHphen The Mac part (don't have to listen to it but wanted to voice my opinion/view anyways), if a system is closed source and its company is integrated within a surveillance system, i wouldn't trust it a single bit but that's just me.

    My stack:
    Firefox with tons of addons for privacy.
    Signal exclusively for messaging
    Any Linux system really
    Cloud storage: not using any provider right now.

    A lot more but you'd have to ask specifically :)

    @8BitOverdose I'm not big protonmail fan but tutanota.com 💕

    @HollowKitty Etherpad is great!

    @balaianu Kim dotcom himself recommended to NOT use it as it's in the hands of some chinese company now.
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    @linuxxx oh, didn't know that.

    But still, isn't client side encryption/decryption still good?

    And I always thaught that it was the guys from the old megaupload team that biult mega.nz, and they went all the way to New Zeeland to get away from intrusive governments...

    Also, I don't really trust kim dotcom too much either :))

    PS: all the client side code is open source
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    E-Mail Provider: mailbox.org

    Privacy focused and have a great spam protection. I'm really really happy with everything they do. This also comes with a CalDav calendar and CardDav-accessible contacts.
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    So much knowledge here .. 📌
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    thank you all so much for the great advices and sharing the software alternatives you use.
    the switch to Firefox and duckduckgo can be done immediately by me as there is nothing to migrate or something, so I will definitely do that 🙌
    also trying to sell signal to my friends and relatives. if the core of the people I text everyday is willing to switch (like 5 persons or so) that would be great. fuck the rest!
    not so sure what to do about cloud storage yet. I do only have about 10Gb of data but the little I have has to be high available anywhere and should not get lost. I also heavily rely on integrating my cloud storage into my local file system. what about Dropbox? are they more trustworthy than Google Drive at least?
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    @linuxxx another thing specifically is what to do about my android phone. what makes most sense would be to remove the Google services right. but how do I get all the apps then if I cannot access the play store? and how do I watch all those great tutorials and stuff on YouTube every night in bed or while waiting somewhere?
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    @HIGHphen I've used an android device with an open source rom and without Google apps/services.

    Yalp store or Aurora to download play store apps (they literally download them for you from the play store and they're available on F-Droid) and NewPipe as foss YouTube client :)
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    @HIGHphen there is a cloud storage solution that's called Spideroak One Backup (it's not just for backup, it can synchronize folders between computers and has a default sync folder like Dropbox, so more options there) that is privacy focused, maybe duckduckgo it and see if it's something for you.
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    I will take a look on all of your suggestions; haven't heard of neither of them since now! thank you so much really!
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