Okah guys, here is the deal. I have two ideas in my head. I just need to design them and start coding. Problem is I can't find motivation. I'm trying to do this for years now. I guess I'm not motivated enough. I work about 9 hours a day. What should I do to get motivated. What do you guys do?

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    Mostly get motivation thinking about how I'm throwing away my life working 9-5 and that I'm not getting younger...
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    If your idea don't motivate you perhaps the idea is not good enough...
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    Know those moments when you're bored, don't want to do anything and there's seemingly nothing on Netflix to watch? Get some stuff done by looking into things like how to solve aspects/problems of your ideas. At some point you'll start growing motivation to keep working as you start solving those problems. Also, doing small tasks at first helps too.

    This is how it works for me.
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    Just don't go straight to Stack Exchange with "I wanna do X, but I'm not sure which way to choose to do it"... that place will suck all motivation out of you and some life force while at it.
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    @theKarlisK well put, it's a surprisingly good method to both kill time and get a more sound understanding of what is all involved in the idea, have recently often been doing exactly that too.
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    Consistency and start small, you think to much.

    Example of starting small:

    Set timer to 5 minutes and start by writing your idea down on paper.
    Then do it every other day, by dividing your idea into smaller tasks that should take about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Be sure to stop with timer, not second before or after. Try to do it at the same spot, and at the same hour.

    Work is like tv series. You need to make it a habit and natural thing.

    Starting small is crucial and consistency programs your brain.

    You can increase your timer like every 1-2 weeks by 5 minutes and when you get to 30minutes you can start making smaller tasks.

    If you manage to do it for at least 2 months you will make it happen.
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    Always work on your own project first. That helps me. Because after a 9 hour work day it is hard to find motivation.
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    Thank you guys for valuable inputs. Im still young and I don't want to waste my life.
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    @vane very very solid advice.

    This is how you do it. Anyone reading this.. Wanting to do a side project. Reread @vanes post here. As someone who has been doing this since 1999, I know.

    it's gold Jerry.
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    I would also add.. Always always always write down every single idea you get, big and small. Don't think you'll remember because you won't.
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