How much You know from this?
How much you are earning by that knowledge?
How much your company can give that person?

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    That looks very well done. Although quite texty that would make a HR person skip all the long lines
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    At least he's trying.

    Id say applying to jobs yourself will probably be more successful than this though.

    Edit: I've heard of people like this. Homeless people that have jobs but can't afford a house because of how expensive it is to get one in California. (Yes, I know he doesn't have a job now, but you get the point: homeless working professionals.)

    Edit #2 lol: This seems like a college student who thought moving to California would be bigger and better. Probably should have just stayed in Austin. you've gotta find a balance of big and better, as well as affordable.
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    No way in hell I can read it...
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    This is one of the biggest reasons tech is fleeing California.
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    Pretty sure it's San Francisco.
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    Why didnt he get a job BEFORE moving to one of the most expensive places
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    That's a beautiful looking resume.

    It seems he recently transitioned good career to web developer.
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    Guessing he got laid off.
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