I tried writing this rant before, but I was (and still am) in too good of a mood so it was lengthy, meandering, and over-specific. so I'll summarize(ish).

* miscommunication
* working weekends
* incompetence and/or screwy integrations

summary of the summary:
* I can't fix someone else's mess if you don't talk to me!

Summary^3: #TODO: learn telepathy

Shortened rant:
Bossman at work signed up a very lucrative client by promising them something he couldn't deliver because he misunderstood and miscommunicated scope -- anti-fraud, if you've been following my rants.

Their signup (all four...) are screwy and cause issues and nobody knows why. I didn't write the code, have barely even glanced through it, and it uses a third-party (Clover) that's rather screwy.

Bossman has been asking me to do various things concerning the merchant, but has never been around to provide specifics, so I'm left to guess. I've done my best, but due to the aforementioned screwiness, I really have no idea what's going on. I just sort of muddled my way through.

Bossman also asked me, super late on Friday night (after 8:30pm), to rename one of the merchants because there are two with the same name (with different Clover creds, etc.) and that's just confusing. I didn't see the message because late and tired, and he didn't follow up or text/call me until two days later (today, Sunday). I also thought these were strictly for diagnosing and were de-listed. I had no idea the merchant was live and people were actually purchasing things for it. Had I known this I would have freaked out and demanded specifics on Thursday/Friday because wtf? debugging in production? with broken merchants? selling things for real money? scary bad? hello?

Anyway, I didn't see his message until he texted me about it at like 5pm today while I was about 2 hours from my computer. He's understandably frustrated, and I totally don't blame him, but fuck, miscommunication is a serious problem in this company, and that's amazing because it's so freaking small.

But the short version is that I'm likely going to get blamed for all this, Clover screwiness included. Bossman and I set up a call for 10am tomorrow and I'm positive he's going to try pinning it on me. Totally not going to let him, but his social is lv16+ while mine's like. 2 or 3. 😕 I'll see how it goes.

Really though, I should read @rutee07's book and just roast these fuckers.

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    Well, roasting them for being such incompetent idiots that blame others for their own shit wouldn't really be a bad thing I guess 🤔

    Also @rutee07 you have a book?
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    @Root i would advise you to direct that anger to a productive direction like sports or music.

    Tomorrow im starting a new job as a Bossman and as a well-experienced dev i know that 90% the biggest pitfalls can be avoided with good communications.

    So other than daily and weekly standup meetings and code reviews, I plan to put a clear communications guideline/protocol regarding communicating with and between developers.
    That way I can somehow strive to match the expectations of all parties involved with devs in the hope of constantly improving the communications in the company.

    I wish you finish with this task faster than you expect. Also if you have any suggestions to a newly-self-made bossman I would love to hear them :)
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    I intentionally made myself angry this morning and had a shot of vodka prior to the call. It instilled a wonderful amount of righteous fury.

    When he started blaming me for not following his instructions, not being enough of a Sherlock Holmes, I pointed out how it was the weekend, I got zero messages from anyone until it was too late, how the entire thing is a clusterfuck, and how testing in production is utterly despicable. (I conceded the Sherlock Holmes point because I relied on someone else to not fuck up, and I shouldn't do that.)

    He was remarkably receptive and calmed down quickly. We finally got everything settled and scheduled a production test later today.

    Sweet sweet victory.
    (Still angry, however.)
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