I can't get the wifi generation. I love cables (except when they are in front of the tv), their performance, their plug-n-play without conflicts, that high level of nerdy childish porn of 80's in all the magnificence. It's just me? *snowflake feelings*

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    I mean.

    When I'm at home, cables are fine.

    But I'm not trying to deal with that unnecessary shit when I'm out and about in places like the library or a public space.
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    @Stuxnet Public places really are a mess, because you don't want to interact and be limited by the environment. Yes, it's a good exception.
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    I love cables as well and I avoid wireless accessories whenever there's a wired alternative. Of course, some things would just be unconvenient when left wired, but those are exceptions.
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    @capcj Well for me, public spaces are my uni's library or the study area in our computer building, so the speeds are still 100+ up/down.

    But it's all about personal preference 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    I also prefer being wired specially if I'm gaming and doing tasks that require low ping and a lot of bandwidth, but for simple stuff like navigating between websites and coding I have no issue with the WiFi.

    I do, however, find the millennial generation wanting to make everything wireless annoying as hell. Feels like a whole generation of salesman.

    "Aaaand it geeets better! It is wireless!! WiFi enabled, IoT and AI"
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    @JKyll yep, pure meme generation, everything with a brand new name and without issues (IoT/embedded systems, cloud/fucking internet).

    Just forcing things through our throats.
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    That's why we have a term called "cable-porn" not "wifi-porn".
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