I just walked passed 2 technologically impaired ladies in my office (the kind who think google is on their actual computer) having an avid discussion about how "You can find Ajax everywhere on so many websites!".

I was super impressed until I realised they were talking about buying dish soap :/

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    That awkward moment lool
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    You sure they weren't talking about Ajax in the Deadpool movies?
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    Ok. I have posted this once. But I'd share it again.
    This thing is at my home 🤣 so it's not fake.
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    With the right design you too can use AJAX/SOAP.

    (Not necessarily recommended, since things can get greasy.)
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    @ceee I have it too lol, it's like when the marketing department ran out of ideas for product names they decided to ask I.T
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    @kurtr woah I thought this soap was only sold in India 🤣
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    @ceee No we have it in South Africa, it's really common I'ver had it in the house my entire life
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    Today's episode of "Things that never Happened"
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    Re marketing ads must be confusing as fuck to old people
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    So they're doing SOAP requests?
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    Well first time I heard about Ajax thought the same thing...I shall see myself out...
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    I dont know how to stop cleaning!
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