I have an array of 1037 records. The soap service only accepts 100 at a time. So, I write code to send an array of 100 records at a time to the soap service in a loop and get a response back of, "The maximum number (100) of records allowed for this operation has been exceeded." Well, I'll try 99 records then. Nope same error. I'll try 50 records, nope I'll just bang my head on the desk now since the documentation and error say it is a record limit of 100. 😠

Look at my code again. I was grabbing 100 records out of the array of 1037 records and storing it in a new array, but I was sending the original array with 1037 records instead of the temporary array in the loop. 😢 I'm going to bed.

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    You have arrived at the "Go to bed, u're high, more coding just make it worse" checkpoint
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    Take a good rest! Tomorrow is another day, full with New oportunities, so don't worry to much, solution Will come, eventually...
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    You really need some rest... You did a lot of work 🙈
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    Did you try rest?
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    You made my day 👌🏽
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    Been there done that. My reaction has always been, why am I so fucking stupid.
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